Ren Mikihara (美樹原 蓮Mikihara Ren?) is a fictional character and a supporting character in the light novel, manga, and anime series Full Metal Panic! However, she only appears in Fumoffu and a cameo in The Second Raid during the anime. She was portrayed by Rie Tanaka in the original anime and Nancy Novotny in the English dub.


Ren Mikihara is a student at Jindai High. In addition to this she also acts as the school council president Hayashimizu Atsunobu's secretary. She also appears to have somewhat of a romantic relationship with him during the events of Fumoffu which he shares with her. To her classmates suprise her father, Mikihara Kenji, also known as Kenji the Killer, is the leader of a local Yakuza gang called the Mikihara Gang.

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