M9D / A4-1 Falke
Manufacturer GeoTron Electronics
Primary users Mithril
Status Active: 1
Reserve: 1
Developed from ARX-7 Arbalest
Known Pilots
Belfangan Clouseau

The M9D/A4-1 Falke is a third generation Arm Slave operated by Mithril. It is based on the M9E Gernsback.


When Mithril was developing and testing the Lambda Driver, the first unit was installed in a M6 chassis, later though with the success of the test, it was decided that the M9 would form the actual platform for the Lambda Driver. For that reason two M9 chassis variants were made, one was the ARX-7 and the other became the M9D Falke.

However due to the suicide of the lead researcher Bani Morauta, the Falke never received a Lambda Driver.

Much like the M9E, this unit comes with enhanced eletronics package to engage in eletrocnic warfare along with enhanced communications package.

Operational History

This Unit has been in action with the Mithril Mediterranean Fleet. Its current desginated pilot is Lieutanant Belfangan Clouseau. With the death of Gail Mcallen in the Perio Islands incident, he assumes the position of Urz-1 and thus transfering the unit to the Pacific Fleet.

Notable engagements would be the Hong Kong incident where the SRT fought against one Codarl-M, depending on the source the unit suffered heavy damage on the battle; along with the Perio Island invasion, where the unit also suffered heavy damage in the fight against the three Behemoths that were sent to eliminate the base.

The most notable use against Lambda Driver equipped ASes would be the US decoy plan to capture Lee Fowler, the right hand man of Leonard Testarossa, where the unit defeated a Codarl-i unit, with the help of Tomahawk Missiles, without suffering damages.

The last known engagement would be on the nuclear missile crisis at the end of the series, where the unit was completely destroyed.


General characteristics

  • Crew: 1
  • Height: 8.4 Meters
  • Weight: 9.5 Tonnes
  • Power Source: Palladium Reactor, Ross & Humbleton APR 2500a


  • Maximum Operation Time: 150 Hours


  • 2× AM 11 12.7mm chain gun
  • 2× XM 18 wire gun

Optional Armaments

  • Ericon Controlaves GDC-B40mm Rifle
  • Bofors ASG96-B 57mm smooth-bore gun
  • Royal Ordnance M1108 anti-tank dagger
  • IMI "Crimson Edge" Monomolecular cutter



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