Voiced by: Masahiko Tanaka (Japanese), Mike MacRae (English)

Gauron is one Full Metal Panic's main antagonists. He's an arrogant man who so far has been able to buy and/or blackmail his way to power. He also has the ability to command the lambda driver and pilots a super AS called Venom. He is Sousuke and Kalinin's archnemesis.

Gauron is a master planner, and always has a contingency in the event that something goes awry. As if without consience, he will kill for no reason at all. Gauron has killed many civilians and military personnel, and he also wants to be the one who kills Sousuke. He doesn't likes to be told what to do, he was seen even killing some members of Amalgam who gave him indications. He was a high-ranking member of Amalgam alongside of Gates and Leonard Testarossa.

Over the course of the series, he is revealed to had a deep obsession and perverse lust for Sousuke. Even calling him 'Kashim'. A name the sergent hates to hear from his lips.  

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