Field of Giants
Season 1, Episode 23
Air date June 11, 2002
Written by Fumihiko Shimo,Koichi Chigira,Masashi Sogo
Directed by Koichi Chigira
Episode Chronology
Jack in the Box
Into the Blue

Field Of Giants (巨人のフィールド, Kyojin no Fīrudo) is the twenty-third episode of the anime series, Full Metal Panic!


Kaname connects herself directly to the Tuatha de Danaan computer system and re-programs it while Sousuke heads to the Tuatha de Danaan bridge. He rescues Tessa and the crew, but Gauron manages to escape. As Gauron is about to destroy the Tuatha de Danaan with his Venom AS, Sousuke activates his Arbalest. The U.S. Navy calls off the attack on the submarine.

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